"My Response to the Bullshit"...

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"My Response to the Bullshit"...
 by Nita Mosby Henry

Check out our very own Nita Mosby Henry, as she gives her perspective on issues in the LGBT Community, in the April 6th issue of Out Front Colorado (page 12).  Nita is a recurring columnist in OFC and offers a much needed perspective that has been neglected for FAR TOO LONG!  

Keep pushing that button!

Be an Investor in YOUR Community...

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Be an investor in YOUR community...

We've asked and you've come through, time and time again.  We are one community, one voice, standing strong, together.  In an effort to continue to support our community, we need you to stand with us now as active investors and participants.  We want to effect real change and persist with our momentum.  We can only achieve this with the continued financial support of ALL of us.  

When we ALL stand together in unified support, the impact will be substantial.  It doesn't take much, my sisters.  For as little as $5 a week, you can be an active participant in this movement and help us become the force that we envision.  For the price of One Less Latte a week, you and your sisters can help finance volunteer projects, educational opportunities and outreach.  

Will you make the pledge, to have One Less Latte a week (or beverage of your choice) and contribute to your community?

You can donate $5 every week, make your contribution monthly, or annually.
Making your contribution is easy by using the link below...

We can and will move mountains together!  Make the pledge...have One Less Latte and support OUR Community!

Focus on Fairness Rally and House Judiciary Hearing on SB-172

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March 31, 2011- A BIG THANK YOU to all of our Girlz who were able to come out and support the proponents of SB-172, The Civil Unions Bill.  Our own Nita Mosby Henry was opening speaker for the Focus on Fairness Rally, on the West Front of the Colorado State Capitol Building.  The crowd was fired up and eager to participate in the hearing.

Girlz own, Cynthia M. Parker, addressed the legislators in an impassioned plea to resist the urge to be popular but do what is right.
Unfortunately, in the end, the vote did not go the way we had hoped, (Republican opposition voting down party lines).  This fight is FAR from over.  We must keep our attention and focus our efforts to ensure we have legislators and other elected officials who will represent the will of the people and be just and fair.  

Now is the time to contact your legislators, candidates vying for your vote, and let them know you are voting and will remember their stance on Gay Rights and Civil Rights issues. 

Colorado Black Lesbians Come Out For The Love of Humanity


Colorado Black Lesbians come out for the love of Humanity…

Denver, CO March 17, 2011 - In honor of women everywhere and to commemorate Women’s History Month, the ladies of Girlz Pushing The Button, and allies, showed up and showed out in support of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and each other. 

The ladies, of all different backgrounds, physical abilities and skills were on hand, helping to build a home for its new owners, who were also on site to assist in the build. 

Carolyn King, one of the participants in the Girlz Pushing The Button project, echoed a shared sentiment amongst her counterparts: “Participating with Girlz Pushing The Button was AWESOME! This large group of Black women, Black lesbians, no less, showing up en mass and it felt totally empowering! We were FEARLESS! WE ARE HERE and WE ARE HERE TO HELP!  Karen Collier, another of the Girlz said “I feel blessed to be at a point in my journey to involve myself in activities that can make a difference in people's lives, especially those less fortunate than me.”

The commitment to strengthening local communities through civic engagement and volunteering is a huge component of what Girlz Pushing The Button is all about.  “I felt changed! My friends were proud of me doing it and that felt especially good!!!” Carolyn stated.  Not only is it important to talk the talk but walk the walk.  “I am glad I had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of ladies who not only are making things happen for the community but who take me as I am”, said Tammy Tramble.  “I feel so honored”.

Girlz Pushing The Button, a program of The Kaleidoscope Project Colorado, is a newly formed organization consisting of Black Lesbians in Colorado connected and committed to community.  The organization is designed to mobilize Colorado’s Black Lesbian community towards community transformation. The organization, already comprised of a few hundred women is growing rapidly and impressively.  Founder, Nita Mosby Henry shares “Our vision is to belong and act as an investor, owner, and creator of our community.”
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