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Focus on Fairness Rally and House Judiciary Hearing on SB-172

Girlz Pushing The Button Sunday, April 3, 2011 , , , ,

March 31, 2011- A BIG THANK YOU to all of our Girlz who were able to come out and support the proponents of SB-172, The Civil Unions Bill.  Our own Nita Mosby Henry was opening speaker for the Focus on Fairness Rally, on the West Front of the Colorado State Capitol Building.  The crowd was fired up and eager to participate in the hearing.

Girlz own, Cynthia M. Parker, addressed the legislators in an impassioned plea to resist the urge to be popular but do what is right.
Unfortunately, in the end, the vote did not go the way we had hoped, (Republican opposition voting down party lines).  This fight is FAR from over.  We must keep our attention and focus our efforts to ensure we have legislators and other elected officials who will represent the will of the people and be just and fair.  

Now is the time to contact your legislators, candidates vying for your vote, and let them know you are voting and will remember their stance on Gay Rights and Civil Rights issues. 


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